Youth Resource Center

Lester Wasson, founder of Go Play Outside Foundation in Rochester, New York, wants to reintroduce children to the joys of being outdoors. This center was created for kids with the intention on strengthening the community. Lester has many years experience working as a paraprofessional educator for special needs and children struggling with behavioral issues. The goal of this foundation is to create an environment that gets keeps kids active while encouraging them to make friends. This foundation is for all children under the age of 18 years. While we are based out of Rochester, we created this site in order to reach families across the globe. That way, more and more children will be able to reap the benefits! On this website you, the parent, will be able to read about our tremendous success, gain access to helpful articles, tips and tricks on how to work with difficult children, as well as, stay up to date on all of our outdoor adventures. Each day we do something new. Everyone meets at the center and we travel together, with the help of parents, to the desired location. We go on hikes, picnics, play games of baseball, kickball and soccer etc. Everyday is a new day and it’s so very exciting!

Play Outside has also collaborated with youth specialists and is able to connect families to therapists and caretakers. We have resources available for camps, joining sports teams and other clubs too! We’re a very inclusive foundation and do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of background, religion, sexual orientation or gender and have zero tolerance for bullying– this extends to parents as well. We want every child to feel included, safe and confident. In today’s society, too many children hide away indoors and miss so much of what the world has to offer. Staying active and making friends is a vital part of a child’s mental and physical development and without it could lead to difficulties down the road. Joining the foundation or using us as a resource for other activities and needs is entirely free. We are a non for profit organization. All we ask, is that if you join, to volunteer as a driver on the outings that you and your children participate in. If you’d like to know more about our amazing, life changing company, please check out our Mission/About page. Once there, you’ll be able to contact Lester personally with any and all of your questions. Thanks for visiting, we look forward to playing outside with you!